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Please carefully read the terms and conditions below before you decide to access the Website/App or avail yourself of the services made available by Aarogya Hastha Hospitals (from now on referred to as "Hospital"). If you proceed to access or use the Website/App, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions as set forth below. You may only access the Website/App if you agree to these terms.


    The website is available only to persons and entities with the age of legal majority and are competent to enter into a legally binding agreement(s) under applicable law. You must qualify to be permitted to use the Website/App.


    The information provided under this Website/App is for educational purposes only and for publishing health information for the public at large. No information obtained by you from the website shall create any liability/warranty, whether explicitly or impliedly stated by the Hospital in these terms of use. The information contained in the Website/App of the Hospital does not create any licensed medical professional/patient relationship between the Hospital and the user. The information contained shall not constitute a legal opinion or a diagnosis of any treatment of any particular condition; However, it is provided to assist the user with appropriate medical care and seek advice from a professional medical practitioner.

    The information on the website does not amount to an invitation or endorsement to take medical services from the Hospital, nor is such information a substitute for professional advice or solicitation regarding medical services/product labelling. The Hospital shall not be held liable in any way if an action is taken by you relying on such information, and the Hospital shall not be liable for any deficiency of services by any medical service provider you engage with using the website.

    While the Hospital makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information contained in this website is accurate, it cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of such information, and the use of the same is at the user's risk.

    You acknowledge and agree that the Hospital does not make any representation or warranty regarding any third-party products or services and shall not be liable to any third party for any claims from or in connection with such third-party products and services.

    If provided, the medical records generated electronically are only for record and convenience, and the user is requested to collect the final and approved medical record from the Hospital.


    In addition to the terms set forth herein, you agree not to;

    • Place any false or misleading information on the website.
    • Use or access the website or any services, information or software available via the website in a manner not expressly permitted by the Hospital.
    • To input or add any details or files on the website that may contain virus or other programming contents that tend to damage, interfere with, and intercept the website’s
    • credibility.
    • Use the website in a manner that is detrimental or adversely effective to it's performance.

    • While the Hospital will make honest efforts to ensure an appointment with the Doctor for a patient who requested the option to consult the Doctor online, the Hospital will not guarantee that the user will g
    • et a confirmed appointment.
    • The Hospital is not liable for any damages if the appointment is postponed, cancelled, or rescheduled, and medical services through the online medical service provider are available at the user's risk.

    At his own discretion, the Hospital may also provide Value-Added Services via Video call, Voice call, and Text Messages.


    The Website allows the user to pay online through a third-party payment gateway. If the user chooses to pay online, they may be directed to a Third-party payment gateway to process the payment. The Third-party payments gateway's terms and conditions and privacy policy shall govern the transaction.

    The Hospital shall not be liable for:

    • If any transaction is not materialized or processed for any reason whatsoever.
    • Any loss or damage arising from a decline in or acceptance of the transaction.

    The cancellation and refund policy also apply to the online payment option, wherein the amount will be refunded to the same source of payment within the given number of working days communicated by the Third-party payment gateway.


    The user is solely responsible for the content that they choose to submit for publication on the website, including any feedback, reviews, or ratings. The Hospital shall not be liable for any comments, reviews, or ratings given by the user.


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    The user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Hospital, its Managers, Directors, Officers and Employees from any Third-party claims, damages, losses, costs and expenses on account of using the website or the information available on the website. The Hospital shall notify such respective user of any such claim or damages caused by the user.


    The Hospital operates this website from India. The website and the information contained in it are intended for use only by patients, customers, users, and medical practitioners who are residents of India. The Hospital shall have no sort of liability if a user uses the website from outside India, and the user is entirely responsible for compliance with local laws and third-party interactions.

    Suppose any provision of the terms set forth herein is invalid by any court having competent jurisdiction. In that case, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining portion of these terms of use.