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A child must know he is a miracle , that since the beginning of the world there hasn't been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him.

At Aarogya Hastha, we are dedicated to nurture the well-being of our youngest patients. Our specialised paediatric care extends from the earliest moments of life through adolescence, encompassing comprehensive neonatal and paediatric services, including paediatric surgery. With our unwavering commitment to paediatric care, we stand ready to provide exceptional healthcare tailored to the unique needs of every child, ensuring their health and happiness at every stage of their journey.

OPD Care

Growth and Development

Aarogya Hastha provides comprehensive and excellent paediatric OPD care for growth and development. Our team of experienced and skilled paediatricians offer a complete range of diagnostic and therapeutic clinical services related to general growth and development of children. Our commitment in providing safe, efficient and effective care to our patients is complemented by a pleasant and child-friendly environment. Paediatric assessments are conducted to monitor physical growth and motor development, language development, intellectual functioning, social and emotional development and overall nutrition health of children. We understand that early interventions are the key to promote healthy child development and we strive to provide personalised, holistic care for young patients.

Vaccination (Neonate and Adolescent)

Our Paediatric OPD strives to provide quality care for infants and adolescents alike. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals provides comprehensive vaccination services to ensure that children are immunised against harmful diseases, including neonates. Our team of doctors works to make sure the vaccinations are safe, timely and effective for each child. We also have modern facilities and equipment, as well as trained nursing staffs to make sure that patients get the best possible care.

Diet and Nutrition

Paediatric OPD of Aarogya Hastha provides comprehensive care for the diet and nutrition management of children. The team of expert paediatricians and dieticians provide a holistic approach to the management of dietary and nutritional issues, ensuring the child is provided adequate nutrition for their growth and development. Our dieticians formulate individualised meal plans according to the child's individual needs based on factors such as age, gender, health status, activity level and likes and dislikes. We use modern techniques such as food diaries and 24-hour food recalls to assess dietary intake and nutritional status. Counselling is provided to the child and parents regarding nutrition-related issues as well. We are committed to provide our paediatric patients the best standards of care in their diet and nutrition journey.

Adolescent Counselling

Our team of highly qualified paediatricians specialise in providing comprehensive adolescent counselling services in our Paediatric OPD. We use evidence-based strategies, individualised counselling strategies and therapeutic interventions aimed at helping adolescent clients to cope with various issues related to their physical and mental health. Aarogya Hastha is committed in providing comprehensive care to young adults so as to ensure the best possible outcomes.

General Health Alignments

Paediatric OPD care is provided to child patients needing general health treatments at Aarogya Hastha. We are well equipped with diagnostic and therapeutic modalities required for paediatric care, ensuring that the patient's health needs are adequately addressed. The paediatric clinic is staffed by experienced specialists, doctors and nurses, ensuring that the children are treated with utmost care and respect while receiving necessary treatments. The services of the clinic also include preventative health advice for the children to ensure healthier lives for them.

In Patient care:

Newborn delivery and care

Aarogya Hastha Hospital offers outstanding paediatric OPD care for newborns. Highly experienced and qualified paediatricians and neonatologists provide Newborn Care services like medical examinations of newborns, checkups for vital signs, vaccinations & immunisation schedules, nutrition and developmental milestones assessments. To ensure the best care for infants, they make use of the most advanced technology and innovative techniques to monitor vital biological activities and make it comforting for newborns during the checkup session.

Our Specialists

Dr. Swagata Mondal

Senior Consultant - Paediatrics

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English, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada

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Dr. Pramod S

Senior Consultant - Paediatric Surgery

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Kannada, English, Hindi

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